Covid-19 Childcare Provision

Change in Childcare Arrangements – REAch2 Childcare Hub at Civitas Academy

From Monday 30th March the emergency childcare provision provided at the Reach2 schools in Reading will move to one central location: Civitas Academy, 90a Great Knollys Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7HL. The provision will be staffed by leadership and staff from all three schools.

Who is the childcare hub for?

Children of critical workers or vulnerable families who have NO OTHER OPTION for childcare. If your child(ren) can be cared for by a parent or carer within the home, then they MUST BE.
We are working to keep the school open for critical workers but would ask that you only send your child in when you have no alternative childcare. This will allow us to keep everyone safe.
If you wish your child to have school dinners, then please indicate on the form below.


All children MUST be booked in advance. There are paper booking forms at each school. The quickest and easiest way to book is via the form below and book children in.

Onsite Leadership

A member of the leadership team from one of the schools will oversee the Reach2 Hub each day.

  • Mrs Ducker, Executive Headteacher
  • Miss Harriss, Assistant Head at Palmer
  • Miss Druce, Assistant Head at Palmer
  • Miss Thomassen, Assistant Head at Palmer
  • Miss Chick, Assistant Head at Palmer
  • Miss Jackson, Consultant Headteacher REAch2
  • Ms Sanghera, Head of School at Ranikhet
  • Mr Wieder, Head of School at Civitas
  • Mr Thomas, Assistant Head at Ranikhet

Free School Meals/Lunches

If your child(ren) is eligible for Free School Meals -

Palmer & Ranikhet: children must bring packed lunches. Vouchers will be distributed in due course.

Civitas: parents may book lunches via the booking form.

*Note: the schools have different food providers.


  • Civitas main line: 0118 4676720
  • Civitas childcare direct mobile (work hours only): Mr Wieder: 07500126611 or Miss Jackson: 07584543648
  • Palmer childcare direct mobile (work hours only): 07398128635
  • Palmer safeguarding and emergency number: 07398 128636
  • Ranikhet childcare direct line (work hours only): 01189375520


  • From Monday 30th March 2020 you may bring your child(ren) to Civitas Academy at 8:40am and collect them at 3:15pm from the main reception on Great Knollys Street.
  • They may wear their own clothes.
  • They should enter and exit via the main reception door.
  • The playground gate WILL NOT be open.
  • On entry, all children will wash their hands thoroughly in the visitor’s toilet just inside the first door and then periodically throughout the day.
  • Childcare will involve some completion of ‘home learning’ activities and other planned tasks and activities.
  • They should bring their own water bottle and this should be named.
  • They should bring a morning snack.
  • They should either bring a packed lunch or be registered for a meal (Civitas pupils only).

Medical and Dietary Needs

This information will be shared by leadership teams from each school.


  • Only parents/carers who are registered to collect at each school may collect.
  • All parents/carers must maintain social distancing of 2m.
  • Children will be brought to the front door so please wait 2 metres apart at 3:15pm.
  • Please wash your hands and clothes thoroughly upon returning home.

Child Care Provision Form