Sports FIxtures and Results

Fixtures and Results

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Date Event Year Group Location Time
2nd March Cross Country 4,5,6 Lily Hill Park 1.30pm
2nd March High 5 Netball 5&6 Kendrick 1.30pm
3rd March Tag rugby tournament 5&6 Reading Sch 12noon
4th March Tag rugby festival 3&4 Crosfields 1.30pm
7th March Key steps gymnastics 3,4,5,6 Reddam House 12noon
10th March Tag rugby festival CANCELLED Daneshill 1.30pm
10th March Netball vs NCC 3,4,5,6 TPA 3.45pm
14th March Girls Football vs Ridgeway 5,6 Ridgeway 3.45pm
15th March Cross country 3&4 Crosfields 1.30pm
16th March Football vs Alfred Sutton 5&6 Alfred Sutton 3.45pm
16th March Netball vs Alfred Sutton 5&6 Alfred Sutton 3.45pm
16th March Boccia (Berkshire School Games) 1,2,3,4,5,6 Bisham Abbey 8am
13th April Tag rugby v NCC 5&6 TPA 3.45pm
15th April Benchball vs NCC 5&6 NCC 3.45pm
21st April Football vs NCC 5&6 TPA 3.45pm
25th April Football vs Whitley Park 5&6 Whitley Park 3.45pm
29th April Basketball Tournament 5&6 JMA 3.30pm