Parent Contribution

As part of the Early Years curriculum we would like to know about what learning your child is doing at home. It can about a range of things. Your child could have:

*dressed themselves

*taken part on ballet/ football/ karate lessons

*read a word or sound in their reading book

*written a word or sound themselves

*started writing simple sentences

*counted to a higher number than usual

*learnt to ride a bike

*recognised a new shape

*joined in cooking at home and noticed how the food you are cooking has changed

*when outside they have commented on something around them

*talked about how something works

*made a model

*made up a story about their toys

The possibilities are endless!

The more home learning bubbles we have in for your child the better as these go towards the assessments we make.

Here are some things you can do at home to support your child in school:

  • Support your child with their homework and return it on time
  • Read with them for about 20 minutes each night
  • Talk out loud about the things you see and do
  • Count with your child every night
  • Practice writing the sounds your child has been learning at school
  • Sing songs and rhymes

Download our parent contribution form to register an interest.