Welcome to Year 6

The Year 6 Team

Mr A Bond

Years 4-6 Assistant Headteacher
Horowitz Class Teacher

Miss L Thomassen

Lewis Class Teacher
Visible Learning Lead

Mrs C James

Lewis Class LSA

Mrs M Goldwater

Horowitz Class LSA


Welcome to Year 6! We have an exciting year ahead with lots of fantastic opportunities for the children to learn in a variety of ways. We will also be focussing on preparing the children for their exciting journey to secondary school in a years time!

Our Team

6 Horowitz Teacher- Mr Bond

We are excited to be welcoming Mr Bond to The Palmer Academy this year as Assistant Head of Upper School! Mr Bond brings with him years of experience in engaging Year 6 children in exciting lessons which prepare them for their move to secondary school while making their final year the most memorable!

6 Lewis Teacher- Miss Thomassen

Miss Thomassen is excited to have moved to Upper School for her first year in Year 6! Miss Thomassen is an enthusiastic teacher with a love for learning and particularly loves to inspire the children in her class to dream big! Miss Thomassen cannot wait to go on the Year 6 residential this year!

Mrs Goldwater – LSA

Mrs Goldwater will be based in Horowitz with Mr Bond, but will be working with children from both classes. Mrs Goldwater is an brilliant, experienced member of the team and loves to support groups of children to grow in confidence.

Mrs James- LSA

Mrs James will be based in Lewis with Miss Thomassen, but she will be working with children from both classes. Mrs James is a greatly talented LSA who enjoys getting to know the children and working with them to develop confidence. 

Routines & Notices

Indoor P.E.

Thursday morning (come to school in your kit)

Outdoor P.E.

Wednesday afternoon

Reading & Times Tables

Please read and practice times tables with your child every day.


Homework will be set: Thursday       Homework Due: Tuesday

Pupils may be required to finish off uncompleted work from class. This will be set, along with a deadline, on a case by case basis.

Registration & Dismissal

It is expected that all children arrive between 8:40am – 8:50am and that they line up with their class when the bell goes at 8:50am.

Your child’s class will be dismissed at 3:20. Please allow plenty of space around the door and teacher when collecting your child.

If your child is being collected by another family member or friend please write a letter to your child’s teacher,

If your child is allowed to walk home alone please write a letter to your child’s class teacher with this information.

Mobile Phones

Pupils are not allowed to have mobile phones on their person during the school date. Phones should either be left at home or handed to the class teacher/ office at the start of the school day where they will be kept securely. It is the responsibility of your child to collect their phone at the end of the day.

Dates: trips, visits, class assemblies

Autumn 1

29th September: Reading Museum Victorian Schoolroom

9th October -13th October: Year 6 Residential


If you have a question or concern about your child please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.