Vision statement – defined direction

We are a school built upon a community commitment to providing and learning from exceptional opportunities for all. We develop our curiosity about the world around us, and learn ways to put our skills to use both now and in the future.

Mission statement – how do we get there?

  • We create a safe and happy community environment that supports our vision in all areas of learning.
  • We help our children to learn to find ways to interact confidently with the world and create meaningful connections that engage their curiosity. They learn how they can link their experiences and learning together will help them to understand their world and lead the life that they deserve to lead, both now and in the future.
  • We learn the value of relationships and how and why we learn and live with others. We know that our community is always here and that we are never alone. We learn about our rights and responsibilities and how they relate to the experiences of others through times and in other places around the world.
  • We help our children to learn about the roles we inhabit in the world and our commitment to building our character, skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to always participate and act within them. We help children know their worth to themselves and others.

We are fully committed to the REAch2 touchstones of Inclusion, Learning, Leadership, Integrity, Enjoyment, Responsibility and Inspiration.