Welcome to Year 5

We are extremely excited to welcome you and your family to Year 5! This year is full of exciting learning opportunities for the children including new topics, a challenging and stimulating curriculum and a wealth of trips and visits. We are more than happy to answer any questions or to just have a chat at any point of the year so please do not hesitate to come and find us! 

Download and read Year 5 - Our Curriculum PDF

Meet the Team

Mr R Charman

Hughes Class Teacher

Miss D Pitt


Mr R dia Hantchi

Morpurgo Teacher

Routines & Notices

School Uniform

See the School Uniform page.


Our PE days: Tusdays and Fridays. On these days, children should come into school wearing their PE kits and will remain in them for the day.

  • Black shorts or track suit bottoms
  • School house P.E. T shirt or plain white shirt
  • Plain black hoodie or tracksuit top
  • Trainers


  • Reading every day
  • Multiplication tables every day.
  • Maths homework on MyMaths website
  • Spelling homework on Spelling Shed website

This will be set on a Thursday and should be completed by the following Tuesday (though spelling tests will be on a Monday so please factor this in when organising your time).

Collection/ Dismissal

  • Pupils must be collected by one of the named adults on our pupil data Management Information System (MIS). This is informed by registration forms for the school and updated periodically by parents/carers.
  • Parents/carers may write to the school to change or add to this list. This letter will be kept in the pupil file.
  • Older siblings must be 16 years of age and over to collect and a signed and dated note must be on file.
  • All pupils must be collected on time.
  • Walking home alone: only pupils in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to walk home alone. A signed and dated note from the parent/carer must be provided and be kept in the pupil file. Parents/carers may also record this via the ‘Forms’ section of our App. This will be recorded in our MIS. Pupils will not be allowed to walk alone with younger siblings and therefore be responsible for them.


  • We communicate through sending letters and newsletters to your email!! (Check your junk folder and update us if you change your email)
  • Dinners and trips are booked and paid via ParentPay
  • If you need to discuss anything please arrange a meeting with your child’s class teacher. There are several points in the year where we will report progress to you formally.
  • Please email [email protected] with any queries or questions


If your child has prescribed medication (and only prescribed medication) please collect a Prescribed Medication Form from the office and provide updated details. If your child has asthma you will need to check their inhaler has not expired.


If you have a question or concern about your child please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.

School Rules

Be Ready

  • I have everything I need ready for school 
  • I know where to find things to help with my learning 
  • I can get on with my work straight away
  • I will not bring things into the classroom that have happened at break or lunch 

Be Respectful

  • I will be helpful and friendly to others
  • I will listen to others ideas and opinions 
  • I will respect other people’s space and belongings 

Be Safe

  • I will use equipment safely 
  • I will act safely at all times e.g walking with our hands behind our back in the corridors 
  • I will make sure that I am sensible on the playground
  • I will make sure that I am outside or in the lunch hall at break and lunch