Our School Council - the Palmer Parliament

After nominations and successful campaigning, our new members were announced in November 2020. For their applications this year, the children focused on how to improve both mental and physical health. There were some fantastic ideas which made the teachers feel even more proud of our pupils. These included showing kindness towards others by encouraging children to feel confident in their learning, looking after each other at break time and encouraging each other to exercise and eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Our council is made up of children from year 1 to year 6. Our Chair speaks with Reception children in the summer term to inform them of what it is we do, ready for their input in year 1. The council will be running a little differently this year with virtual meetings at least once a term. The opportunity for members to share their ideas and opinions plus those of their classmates will thankfully stay the same!

Responsibilities of the elected members are:

  • To be positive role models in all areas of the school by being Ready, Respectful and Safe.
  • To share their thoughts openly and honestly whilst being respectful. 
  • To feedback to their class whatever is discussed in the meeting.
  • To bring the ideas of their classmates to meetings or speak to Mrs Staple if an urgent/ earlier meeting is required.
  • To help make positive changes to our school. 

Current projects that members are involved in are:

  • Pride of Palmer: Promoting the importance of wearing the correct school uniform

Upcoming projects 

  • Promoting the importance of well-being
  • Promoting healthy living 
  • Promoting E-safety

Achievements/responsibilities so far

Talking to their class about the importance of school uniform, highlighting responsibility and health and safety.