Welcome to Nursery

In Nursery we will support, encourage, and promote the children’s emotional development and improve their independence and self-awareness as well as continuing to improve their reading, writing and mathematical ability. For further information about explaining the development of children in the early years click here.

Here are some things you can do that will support your child in school for the coming year:-

  • Ensure the correct school uniform is worn and LABELLED.
  • Ensure the correct PE kit is in school - Monday - Friday
  • Support homework as appropriate and have it returned on time.
  • Read with your child at least 3 times a week and sign the reading record each time.
  • Ensure they have their reading book and reading record in school every day.

EYFS & Year 1 Vision & Values

In Nursery, Reception and Year 1 we develop a community of learners who support and encourage each other. Our children develop confidence, independence, and responsibility. We teach our children to be well mannered and respectful of ourselves, our belongings, and each other’s differences. Our children work in an environment which is developmentally appropriate and one that meets the needs of all our children. We believe children should learn through hands on experiences, on and off site, observations and to develop a sense of curiosity about the world around them. We encourage our children to make links in their learning and to take risks in a safe way.

Meet the Team

Miss E May

Miss E May

Nursery Teacher

Mrs N Hamblin

Mrs N Hamblin

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Stevens

Miss Stevens

Early Years Practitioner

Welcome to Nursery

What do our Parents and Carers say about us?

“As parent we are so lucky that our children are in the right place. Great communication, all staff are so helpful, polite, safe environment. Highly recommended to friends and families.  Thank you” 

“I would like to thank all of you. My son didn’t know any single words, after completing Nursery I must say he has improved a lot. It’s not only about learning but also, he improved in other areas of development. Thanks a lot for your hard work and patience.  I wish all the success for The Palmer Academy." 

“All the Nursery teachers are amazing! My daughter enjoys going to Nursery and is always coming home with positive vibes about her day and telling me what she has learnt.”

“The Palmer Academy Nursery has been a really important part of our child's life. We have a happy, confident child thanks to all the hard work Nursery put in, not just for us but for all their children. As parents we were so impressed with what was on offer and all the staff have made us, as a family, feel so welcome. We are looking forward to continuing through the school. They continued their care brilliantly throughout the lockdown. Our child felt they still had a connection with Nursery and all the home learning efforts were acknowledged regularly.” 

“We are very pleased with the learning progress of our daughter at the Nursery of the Palmer Academy in Reading and with various other services provided by all Nursery staff members including daily receiving and handing over children from and to parents with greetings and smiles on their faces. We receive follow up by emails frequently during lockdown and proper guidance to transfer my daughter to Reception year. Thank you very much for wonderful services and all your efforts and endeavours.” 

“As a Chilean family living in the UK, our children did not speak English when they started school and our main fear was the language as a restriction for them. But today we are very grateful for the support our children have received from the teachers as well as from the administrative staff of the school. My children love to go to school every day and we have seen how they have grown and how they have achieved their learning objectives. Also, it is amazing how our children can share with children from different backgrounds and cultures."


Morning Routine

In the morning parents bring their children into the nursery, the children go to their key group to write their names. When the door is opened 1 member of staff stays by the exit door and one member by the cloakroom door. The other 1 members of staff in the main room interacting with children. When all the children are in, staff go to their key group and we look at the date, weather and how many children are in today. We then take the register and start group time.  

Snack Time and Maths 

Children will sit in their key group space for snack and this will be followed by the maths teaching group. 


Outside will be open during independent learning, children can choose to be inside or outside and will need to put their name/picture card on the list of children who are outside. It is the responsibility of staff to check the garden and toys are safe and complete the daily safety checklist. 

Tidying Up 

In Nursery we use a song to signal that it is tidy up time. Children are expected to tidy up with some help from staff. When children first start in Nursery they are taught how to tidy up by using social stories and modelling. 


In Nursery stickers are given out as a reward as well as children being put on the happy/ stars.  

Homework and Reading Books 

In Nursery the children are given Words and Story of the Week homework. This is a piece of homework supports the children in class, the parents are asked to complete the set tasks and use the Words of the Week at home. This homework will contribute towards the child’s profile. Children can choose a book to share at home with their family from our Book trolley. 


Please remember: 

  • To bring in a named water bottle. 
  • To label all clothing and bring a change of clothes in a named bag. 
  • To ensure your child is wearing their school uniform and has a coat/ hat depending on the weather. 
  • Nursery starts at 8.45/12.30 and finishes at 11.45/3.30. 


Parent Contribution 

As part of the Early Years curriculum we would like to know about what learning your child is doing at home. It can about a range of things. Your child could have: 

  • dressed themselves 
  • taken part on ballet/ football/ karate lessons 
  • read a word or sound in their reading book 
  • written a word or sound themselves 
  • started writing simple sentences 
  • counted to a higher number than usual 
  • learnt to ride a bike 
  • recognised a new shape 
  • joined in cooking at home and noticed how the food you are cooking has changed 
  • when outside they have commented on something around them 
  • talked about how something works 
  • made a model 
  • made up a story about their toys 
  • The possibilities are endless! 

The more observations you put on Tapestry the better as these go towards the assessments we make. 

Here are some things you can do at home to support your child in school: 

  • Support your child with their homework and return it on time 
  • Read with them for about 20 minutes each night 
  • Talk out loud about the things you see and do 
  • Count with your child every night 
  • Practice writing the sounds your child has been learning at school 
  • Sing songs and rhymes