13 June 2019

Our class chose the Netherlands as our country for Diversity Day. We decorated our door with tulips and a windmill. Our class also recreated the famous painting 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh, who was a famous artist born in the Netherlands. We also had lots of fun learning some basic Dutch phrases and wrote a short dialogue, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The highlight of our day was playing a Dutch game called Spijkerpoepen – it is an old Dutch game which leads to amusement and requires good coordination and concentration. The idea of the game is that you have to tie an object that can fit into a bottle around a rope, which in turn is tied around your waist. Without using your hands you have to lower the object into the bottle. The catch is, the object is tied to the back of you! Mr Prendergast and Miss Vink took up a challenge, with Mr Prendergast celebrating victory after only a few seconds (we suspect he had played this game before!)

What a great day this was, not only learning about a new country, but also having the chance to dress up, learn about other cultures and traditions and most importantly, learning to be respectful of other people and their beliefs.

Year 6 Diversity Day