8 July 2022

We have had another fantastic week in Reception! We kicked off the week with sports day on Monday where we all had a great time showing off what we have been practising in our P.E. lessons. All the children participated in different races and the parents even had a go as well. Big thank you to Mr Charman for organising and for all the parents who came along to support! In topic we have been learning all about aeroplanes, including differences between old and modern aeroplanes. We have had a great time learning about our powerful people for this term, the Wright Brothers, who invented the first ever aeroplanes. We have also been talking about our own experiences of going on aeroplanes and where we have been on holiday or to visit family. We have been using every opportunity to practice our reading, even during our snack where we had to read the words on the bananas in order to eat them!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading your special book to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, if you look carefully inside you can find out when the aeroplane was invented!