17 October 2023

Image of Year 1 Highlights

This term, in English, Year 1 have been learning how to write instructions and narratives. We started with the story of Little Red Riding Hood and talked about different features of a fairy tale. We innovated this to write about a princess meeting a pirate in the woods. Our instruction writing was ‘How to Wash a Woolly Sheep.’ We wrote titles and lists of equipment as well as introduction paragraphs. We also had the chance to wash our own woolly animals!

In Science this term, we have learned about the changing seasons. We observed how wind changes direction and what to expect as we move from Autumn into Winter. We discussed the different types of clothes we need to wear in the seasons and learned that we need to dress warmer in the winter.
We also learned about shadows and how they change throughout the day. We made shadow puppets and went outside to explore how shadows get longer.

In Math's, we have been practicing our counting our counting up to 10 but also developing a deeper understanding of these numbers by learning about fact families and systematic number bonds. We have learned different ways to make the same number and used resources such as numicon and counters to develop our learning further.

Finally, for Black History Month, we learned about the jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald. We combined History and Art lessons to draw portraits of her as we listened to some of her music.