20 October 2023

Image of Year 6 Highlights

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to their last year in primary school. We have explored shadows in Science, revising our learning from Year 3 and planning investigations to see what impacts how shadows change size and shape.

Geography has seen us explore the many biomes of the world. We have enjoyed the creative side of foundation subjects where we are able to present our work in different ways. We can tell you about the different biomes and the plants and animals you will find there as well as the climate and threats that impact them.

Take a look at our wonderful presentation. We have been taking great pride in our work and love to see when it is chosen to be celebrated with others on our displays in class and in the corridors.

PSHE - In PSHE we have worked on understanding rights and responsibilities but also setting goals and considering how we can overcome the obstacles we may face. Alongside this, we have completed work on our protected characteristics which led to us celebrating where our families originate from and the rich cultures we have. We have also explored feelings and emotions, discussing how they might be presented to others and how we can manage our emotions to ensure we are in the best place for learning.

Black History Month - In year 6, we learned about famous black activists and created our own posters as if we were protesting. We discussed the importance of speaking up for our rights and the rights of others.

The Year 6 team have been amazed at the wonderful writing we have completed based on the book 'Rose Blanche' from which we write a narrative. More recently we have designed our own wolves and written non chronological reports on them using a range of literary features we have learned in Y6 or revised from Y5.

PGL - Some of the children in Year 6 visited PGL just last week and boy did they have a fantastic time. They represented our school so well and enjoyed building great working relationships with each other, embodying our Palmer Power 'Collaboration'. The resilience they showed when faced with tough obstacles was astounding and the care and support they demonstrated for one another was truly admirable.

The children that did not attend PGL took part in many creative activities in school, including: creating vibrant cubist inspired portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso; planning, researching and presenting interesting Passion Projects on various topics and composing imaginative poems with illustrations. They have showed great artistic skills and lots of amazing ideas over the last few days!