28 June 2019

We are having some special times in Nursery this term.

Firstly a big THANK YOU to all the daddies who attended our Fathers Day celebrations. 

We started off with a ‘Daddy Quiz’ just to check that all our daddies were as clever as the children said they were – and they were! You all passed 100 percent!

We shared quotes of what the children had said about their daddies (they are outside the Nursery main doors if you would like to read them all – they are very sweet). We ended our time together with a song and gave our daddies a cupcake and a card.

Our topic this term is 'The Jungle'. This week we have been looking at the beginning of the Jungle Book. The children made houses out of blankets, tables and bricks for Mowgli – the little baby boy lost in the Jungle.

We constructed some great dens and played inside – making food for Mowgli and keeping away from Shere Khan the Tiger…

We also enjoyed our Diversity Day – exploring Italy. We played with cold spaghetti, made margherita pizzas for snack and listened to Italian stories.

It is sad to think about it, but we are enjoying our last few weeks with morning Nursery before they leave us for Reception in September.

June's highlights from Nursery