15 July 2019

Year 1 have had a fantastic final term, learning all about the seaside!

Our book focus has been The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. We have loved discovering Mr and Mrs Grinling’s clever plans to outsmart those pesky seagulls and thinking of our own ingenious ideas too! We have enjoyed acting out and retelling the story and producing some amazing pieces of writing.

We have also learned about what a trip to the British seaside used to be like in the Victorian times and compared that to modern holidays. We were very intrigued by the bathing machines!

We finished our topic on the final full day of school with a fun trip to Palmer beach! We made sandcastles and played lots of games, including miniature golf, tennis, hoop tossing, hook the duck and we topped it all off with a delicious ice cream!

Learning about the seaside