18 October 2023

Image of Year 3 Highlights

In Maths, years 3 have been working hard at understanding the place value of numbers up to 3-digits. We have been exploring partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, using a range of different resources to achieve this. We have been applying this to our addition and subtractions skills, learning new methods to calculate with larger numbers. Next half term, we will be using formal methods to improve our use of the four operations, so practicing our times tables will be very useful for this!

In English, we started the year by creating narratives focusing on character description and using inverted commas to write direct speech. We wrote about secret items and how to trick bullies, using our PSHE lessons to come up with good solutions. We are now finishing our unit on advanced instructions, using adverbials of time and manner to clearly explain each step. The children really enjoyed creating their own puppets, recording each step in their book. They are creating a King-Smith recipe book currently, which may be appearing in bags to bring home – watch this space!

In science, we have been learning all about the wonderful world of rocks. We began our learning journey by recapping who May Anning was and why she is a Powerful Person; we even had the chance to dig for fossils ourselves. We then learnt about how fossils are made, using plasticine to recreate our own. The children have become confident at grouping and classifying the different types of rocks based on the observable properties. They have used their observational skills incredibly well and really impressed the year 3 team.

It has been a fantastic start to the year and the whole team wants to celebrate the way the children have settled into KS2 expectations. Well done year 3!